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jC_Omega :: 27/04/2008, 23h10 :: 25 comment(s)

Hi everyone !

You were a lot to download Get A Life, and we hope you enjoyed it.

But some people complains about the difficulty of the mod and some bugs. Even if the beta-tests helps to reduce the number of bugs, when a mod is released there are often surprises, and GAL was no exception to the rule.

We thought about it, and today we' re releasing patch that brings two modifications :

-For those who finds the mod too hard, they can totally desactivate the bleeding system by a simple manipulation. Clic here to see the illustration
-Correction of script bugs, abnormal deaths, bleeding or abnormal vision during the first chapter and correction of certain bugs during the second chapter

Also some people suffer from crashes that we cannot solve, this problems happens in lots of mods currently. It is because of the Source SDK base from the new steam version (we advise you to disable it) or from the soundcache.

For those who have the new version of steam, while we are waiting for a patch, use these tips to play :
-Launch the mod
-In the graphic options, choose "windowed mod"
-Launch the first map
-When the map's loaded, choose "full screen mod" in your graphid options menu.

Get a Life Final Release v1.1 :

    * Direct Link [En-Fr-Ger-Cz-Sp-Fi-Sw subtitles] … p_v1.1.exe

Link patch: … -patch-v11 … einfo.html … einfo.html … _patch.exe … 23693.html

Some persons asked us for the soundtrack, we collected them and created an album you can download here: …

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